Learning by doing

Smart contracts simulatie

Training- en workshopmodule

Een werkende blockchaintoepassing

Gebaseerd op een werkelijke use case

The module is suited for non-technical people working in organizations with little to no background on blockchain and/or smart contracts. The objective of the module is to learn the basics of smart contracts and how this new technology can be effectively applied in business processes.

It is an interactive business simulation where the attendees work with the blockchain application and other materials. They simulate an actual transport of goods and financial settlements. The workshop module also includes a general introduction to blockchain and smart contracts, as well as other real-life examples of the use of smart contracts. The length of the full workshop is 3 hours.

The workshop is designed around an example of a logistical process, making it specifically suitable for people working in this business sector. However, people from other sectors will also find this workshop module very suitable.


SMARTYS is based on a simplification of a real use case. However, to make a business simulation effective for learning purposes, we use a simplified version of the business process, focusing on the role of the smart contracts. By creating a simplified environment everybody is able to understand to additional value of smart contracts.

Effective in 2 ways

SMARTYS can be used in two ways: it’s both a training tool and can serve as a blueprint for a proof of oncept of a live business application.


Based on a logistics use case the participants in the training will experience how smart contracts work. They will learn the principles of blockchain, tokens and smart contracts. They will play a role in the simulation using various materials. They will use our blockchain (Ethereum) application and other tools like Etherscan and Metamask. Learning this way is interactive and the most efficient way of learning new technologies.

Blueprint for a PoC

Since SMARTYS is an actual working blockchain application, it is a perfect starting point for a PoC. The makers of SMARTYS have in depth technical and non-technical knowledge of business process design, blockchain, smart contracts and IT architecture. They can support business process owners to redesign their processes and effectively apply smart contracts.

We have a step-by-step method to support organisations in designing and applying smart contracts.